New Construction of LSR7’s fourth middle school

The district’s fourth middle school will be located on land currently owned by the district near Bailey Road and Hamblen Road in southeastern Lee’s Summit. This 1,200-student school is part of the school board approved plan to transition sixth grade to middle school and will be open for the 2022-23 school year. The 180,000 square foot building will incorporate future-ready learning concepts for developmental and instructional needs.  


Middle School Renovations

Renovations are necessary in our existing middle schools to transition them to support sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. Pleasant Lea Middle School will receive a new entry addition, interior renovations, a music and an art addition.  Bernard Campbell and Summit Lakes Middle School will both receive a music addition and minor interior renovations.


Transitioning sixth grade to middle school will allow students to explore personal interests through electives and activities and experience a longer period of preparation for and transition to high school. With the transition to middle-school programming, educators will provide these young adolescents with more social-emotional support and enhanced academic opportunities during this crucial developmental stage. This change will also address the need for increased capacity as enrollment grows at the middle school level and provide elementary schools additional capacity for anticipated growth and expanded programming.


Benefits of this Project

  • Safety improvements made through renovations at all current middle schools.  The entrance addition improves access security at Pleasant Lea Middle School.

  • Capacity enhanced for both middle and elementary schools for the future.  A fourth middle school provides needed space for middle school instruction and activities.  Moving 6th grade to middle school opens space within the elementary schools throughout the district, creating opportunity for more varied learning environments, project based learning and individual exploration.

  • Parity in instructional and developmental space will be created between the existing middle schools.  The district’s oldest middle school, Pleasant Lea, will be enhanced and improved.  


Together we can improve our middle schools to support middle school students throughout the R7 district.

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Paid for by the Building our Future Committee, Tom Jackson, Treasurer