Renovation and additions at Lee’s Summit High School

Lee’s Summit High School was initially built in 1952 and is the oldest high school in the district. While it has had additions and renovations over the years, it is in need of comprehensive renovation to centralize resources and better connect instructional spaces. Renovations will include the western exterior, building a new southern façade facing Highway 50, and constructing a new central “spine” including a centralized library to connect buildings on this sprawling campus which is roughly 380,000 square feet.  It will also add more than 60,000 square feet of new construction, provide light to heavy interior renovation for instructional and public spaces, create new innovative learning spaces, and upgrade and repair mechanical, electrical, roofing and sewer systems to an aging infrastructure. The improvements will address student safety, capacity and are designed to provide parity between the district’s three high school campuses.


Benefits of this Project

  • Safety will be improved as the LSHS campus is reimagined and renovated to support student access and movement, especially for students required to walk outside to get to class on time.  Safety is a top priority in design and construction plans.

  • Parity will be improved as this legacy building is given new life and learning spaces are improved to provide similar spaces as the district’s other high schools which were more recently constructed.

  • Capacity for student growth and optimal learning will be improved as the school layout is transformed during the renovation.

  • Future Ready Learning spaces will be created, giving LSHS the opportunity to support flexible learning and collaboration spaces. 


Together we can renew our legacy high school to comparable district standards and offer a superlative learning environment for R7 students and staff which supports future ready learning spaces and 21st century educational practices.

High School Athletic /Activity Improvements

All three high schools will receive improvements to their activity spaces including athletic facilities utilized by students in Athletics, Band, physical education, journalism, and other instructional programs. These improvements will include stadium upgrades, bleacher expansions, entry improvements and press box expansion. All three high schools will receive field turf replacement and track resurfacing, improving these facilities used by students, visiting teams, and community members alike. Improvements at all three schools will address access and entry point safety, as well as crowd control. In addition, a LSHS baseball/softball complex will be built on the fourth middle school campus. Currently the LSHS baseball and softball teams practice and play at rented facilities at a non-district site. Building fields for Lee's Summit High School will recover the annual rent expense and create parity with the other high school facilities.

Benefit of these projects

  • Safety will be enhanced by improving aging infrastructure and by strengthening crowd control at access points.

  • Parity will be achieved by building a complex at the new middle school for the LSHS baseball and softball teams comparable to other high school facilities.  

  • Capacity will be improved for high school activities by increasing bleacher seating and improving facilities which are utilized by multiple student groups.


Together we can rejuvenate our high school activity spaces throughout the R7 district and provide safe, modern, optimal and proud environments for students, staff, families and visitors to enjoy.

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Paid for by the Building our Future Committee, Tom Jackson, Treasurer