Upgrading Safety and Security at all LSR7 schools

Safety and security for students, staff and district visitors was a key priority in planning for each   project in the bond proposal. Additional safety upgrades, such as improved surveillance cameras, an upgraded access control system and new hard keying system for all buildings will provide consistent security to all buildings.  In addition, improvement to fencing will create uniform safety at all elementary school playgrounds.


Benefits of this Project:

  • Safety upgrades will modernize access control and monitoring at all schools

  • Parity in security infrastructure throughout the district will be improved

Together we can modernize and enhance consistent security measures throughout the R7 district to ensure a safe environment for students and staff.

Expansion and Renovation of Mason Elementary School

Mason Elementary school is one of the oldest buildings in the district.  Its original section was built in 1942, and despite additions, the school is under-sized when compared to the district’s elementary standard. Already over capacity, Mason currently utilizes temporary classroom units, and enrollment is projected to continue to grow. Mason is located in the northeastern and quickly growing corner of the LSR7 district. Bond approval will enable an addition to transform Mason into a 4-section elementary school prototype.  Interior renovations will improve educational spaces; as well as provide a new secure entryway. 


Benefits of this Project:

  • Safety Enhancement with the renovation of the school’s entrance and removal of temporary classroom units, in addition to upgrading internal spaces

  • Capacity created with the addition of a fourth learning space for each grade enabling Mason to accommodate its growing enrollment

  • Parity in physical space compared to other elementary buildings in the district

  • Future Ready Learning spaces developed for flexible instruction and project-based learning


Together we can improve safety and capacity at one of our older elementary schools, creating a consistent educational experience which supports future ready learning for R7 elementary students.


Building the second LSR7 Early Childhood Center

Transferring sixth grade to district middle schools will open space at Prairie View, the district’s largest elementary school.  Renovating the north side of Prairie View will allow the development of the district’s second early education center and save the cost of a new building.  This will allow the district to serve LSR7’s youngest learners, providing critical early education opportunities, particularly for those who are currently on a waiting list for Great Beginnings Early Education Center. It will also provide a second centralized home for the district’s Pre-K students.


Benefits of this Project:

  • Safety in renovated facility and educational spaces unique to the needs of Pre-K students

  • Parity in providing a space dedicated to the developmental needs of early learners consistent with the experience at Great Beginnings Early Education Center

  • Capacity enhancement at district elementary schools currently providing space for satellite early education programs

  • Future Ready Learning for our youngest students, as they begin their educational experience to establish a strong foundation for learning.


Together we can expand the opportunity for R7 Early Childhood Education for our earliest Pre-K learners.

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Paid for by the Building our Future Committee, Tom Jackson, Treasurer